The Sheffield Museum Fungi Collection and the Longshaw Fungi Survey

Fungi at Longshaw

Hi Claire,

Your blog on Kew lichens is fascinating

I collected some specimens from Hardwick in Derbyshire on Wednesday, as I want to brush up on lichens for our Fungi (and Lichen) Survey of the Longshaw Estate. I’ve recently examined the fungi collection held by Sheffield Museum, catalogued them, and put a few disconnected caps and stems together. Mostly they’re from the 1960’s, with many from Longshaw. I went to my first fungus foray there in 1969, so it was quite moving to see some of the preserved specimens with labels written by the leader at that time, Terry Bottomley, as well as some of the water colour paintings he made. The specimens are mostly freeze-dried I think, and some are spectacular, such as the Glistening Inkcaps. These would have turned to ink overnight, but have been perfectly preseved for half a century. I examined a small bit of…

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