The Bird Egg Collection

Secret Lives of Objects

Claire Miles explores our Bird Egg collection at Leeds City Museum, after taking over the immense task of documenting over 8000 – 10000 eggs in our museum collections database and making some wonderful discoveries.

The bird egg collection at Leeds City Museum probably contains 8000 – 10000 eggs from all over the world, ranging from a marvellous and complete Elephant Bird egg to the popular and no less marvellous Robin. The vagueness in the number of eggs is because the collection is not yet completely documented on the museum collections database, and my current project aims to get as close as possible to achieving that.

The origins of the collection

A former Leeds City Museum Curator of Natural Science, Adrian Norris, described how almost all the eggs in the collection before the Second World War were destroyed when the museum took a direct hit during the air raid in March 1941…

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